Up coming events

Sound of Hope 9th Edition ( PTI in partnership with SHEMEZA MUSIC MINISTRY) at Gitega from 16th - 18th August 2018

On 11th August 2018, AMAMAZA FESTIVAL at PTI Chanic from 2.00pm

Christmas celebration on 24th December 2017 at Life Center from 5.30pm, we welcome you all


The Sound of Hope outreach on 16th December 2017 at Gitaza Site,  we invite you all to join us and bring your support ( Funds, cloths and food)  so that we can help 200 families who lives in tents and take the good news of Jesus Christ to them.


The Sound of Hope 7th Edition (UMURYA W'IVYIZIGIRO) will be held at Bubanza Province on 15th April 2017 in partnership with HWPL from South Korea. The main objective is to help 500 families to celebrate Easter with food. Please join us and donate for this noble activity.

1. Sound of Hope outreach and Concert at carama Site on 11th December 2016 from 2.00pm for support call:
Contacts: +257 79371250, +257 79989522
2. Christmas concert on 24th

For the people from Goma ( DRC) and Gisenyi ( Rwanda) get ready..., Apostle Apollinaire and Shemeza Music team are coming for a concert at IHUSI HOTEL on 19th, June 2016 from 2,00pm. Please spread the...

Towards the end of long months of waiting of the release of Apollinaire Habonimana's new album ( Shemeza Music) This Album ‘’MURI WEWE’’ ( IN YOU) would be for sale in Bujumbura before the end of the year.

January 2015 (Fridays of testimonies)

February 1st (Apollinaire’s trip to USA)

March 20th: CLM invitation

April - March (Sound of Hope 1 - Outreach with the Netherlands Team)

Album launch of Ap. Apollinaire

April 3rd: Special Friday concert

May (7days of worship in Kigali (noble family church)

-          Seminar of singers in Kigali

July (life center International Conference)

-          American team visit in Burundi ( Workshops and Concerts)

August (Sound of Hope 2)

September (seminar of singers in Burundi)

December 24th Christmas concert)


24 Décembre  2014 ( Concert de célébration de Noel )


Septembre: The 7th Sound of Hope mission...vous aurez les détails bientôt

Juin: The 6th Sound of Hope Mission...vous aurez les détails bientôt

Spéciale Vendredi Saint ( Paques) le 18 Avril 2014 à l'église Life Center à partir de 17h30min

The Sound of Hope Outreach " Son d'Espoir" pour les victimes du pluies torentielles du 9 Février 2014 à Buterere ( 8 Mars 2014)

14th February 2014 '' Valentine day in a new style at Royal Palace from 5.30pm

31st January 2014: Campus Vibe at CLM form 5.00pm

19th January 2014: Fundraising meeting to support Holy Media Vision at Guerison des ames Church of Nyakabiga from 4.00pm




On 24th December 2013 from 6.00pm - 9.30pm, Shemeza Music will held a concert of celebration as usually. We are in process of looking for a place. Tickets will be sold 2 months before and the details will be given very soon.

9th to 11th August 2013 ( Crusade at Ngagara Commune - Sesinga ground)

International conference at Life Center ( Nyakabiga) from 28th July to 2rd August 2013. The theme ‘’ The manifestation of God’s Glory’’

The next mission of Umurya w'Ivyizigiro ( Sound of Hope) will on the following dates 13-14 July 2013 at Kamesa ( Bujumbura Rural in Kanyosha Commune) for support please call on +257 79 989 522+257 79 989 522 , +257 75 371 250+257 75 371 250

From 27th May to 1st June 2013. Apollinaire and other members of the ministry will attend the AMAHORO AFRICA event in Kampala. This event is being organized by Communities of Hope. Notice that we attended the last event (2012) in Bujumbura at Club du Lac Hotel.

Details: Our Gathering this year will be hosted at the prestigious Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel Entebbe in Uganda. It boasts of 229 sleeping luxury rooms and the finest convention center in Uganda; a global landmark offering technologically advanced conference facilities overlooking the magnificent Lake Victoria. The hotel is just a 10 minute drive from Entebbe International Airport.

Caroline Westgeest ( Founder and Secretary for Rhythm for Revival foundation), Johan de Visser, the President of Rhythm for Revival (RfR), David Pantel from Suitzland  ( President of Tchouva Association) and Claude Ciza who will represent The Music Mission Association of Holland will conduct a mission here in Burundi from 27th April till 5th may 2013. We are grateful as Shemeza Music Ministry to host these great visitors. Different activities are planned to be done during their visit; workshops, concert…

On 31st March 2013, Apostle   Apollinaire will travel to Kigali – Rwanda to participate and give support to Gaby Kamanzi who will be performing at Serena Hotel.

In the program of UMURYA W’IVYIZIGIRO (Sound of Hope Project) Shemeza Music Ministry in association with COMMUNITY OF HOPE will conduct an outreach mission at Bubanza Province on 30th March 2013. Details to be provided soon.

Special Easter Friday with Shemeza Music at Life Center on 29th March 2013. The Friday of redemption…Don’t miss this evening for God has more for you

From 18 till 24 February 2012, Shemeza Music will join Guerison des ames Church of Nyakabiga for the celebration of 10 years of its existence. We invite you all in this big event which will also be honored by several servants of God As: Apostle Gitwaza and Apostle Masasu and other guests of honor.

From 11th - 14th February 2013, Apostle Apollinaire Habonimana will travel to Kigali where he will have a Praise and Worship Workshop with different singers and musicians at REDEEMED GOSPEL CHURCH of Kigali. Stand with him in prayer

From 18 till 24 February 2012, Shemeza Music will join Guerison des ames Church of Nyakabiga for the celebration of 10 years of its existence. We invite you all in this big event which will also be honored by several servants of God As: Apostle Gitwaza and Apostle Masasu and other guests of honor.

In the program of UMURYA W’IVYIZIGIRO (Sound of Hope Project) Shemeza Music Ministry in association with COMMUNITY OF HOPE will conduct an outreach mission at Bubanza Province on 30th March 2013. Details to be provided soon.

The first activity of year 2013 will be Mr Mike Kalambay's presence with his group all coming  from Kinshasa in a free concert with Shemeza Music at Life Center, on January 20th, 2013 from 4:00 pm.

Saturday 2nd February 2013, Apostle Apollinaire will be in Bubanza Province at Ecole Technique de Bubanza where is invited to speak about praise and worship in a workshop organized by the Bible Group of ETB. Pray for this event

JAZZ FESTIVAL OF BUJUMBURA and SHEMEZA-MUSIC TRAINING CENTER organize a training with the Pianists on 4th , 5th ,6th February, 2012 who will be led by the French Pianist of Jazz Claudine François who is at present in Burundi.
· Place: Rohero II, Avenue Bweru No 18
· Schedule: 4, 5,6 in February from 5:00 am
· Participation fees : 15.000 Fbu
· Number of participants (Maximum): 15 persons
· A workshop for artists musicians  will take place  at  KADESH CLUB ( Kabondo) on February 7th from  
5:30 pm-19h30.

· Contact: 75 459 14575 459 145 , 75 988 31175 988 311
E-Mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




It's with a great pleasure to communicate to all our members, friends and partners that from next week 19th January 2012 we are going to have with us Pastor Lynne Drake from Australia for a whole month together serving the Lord, pray for this and we will communicate the details of the program very soon, thanks.

From 3rd-6thFebruary 2012, we have a journey to Rwanda-Kigali where we will join the  WOMAN FOUNDATION MINISTRY with Pastor Lynne DRAKE from Australia who is in mission here in Burundi. Pray for us,  God blesses you.

On Wednesday 28 Mars 2012 we are going to join the International   Leadership University of Bujumbura in the special moments of prayer from 10h00 am-1h00pm

On 04th April , 2012, the day of his birthday of 40 years, Apostle Apollinaire Habonimana will meet different choirs and singers of the local churches of Kanyosha Commune in the church of Philadelphia for a seminar about praise and worship.

Apostle Apollinaire HABONIMANA will join the ECHO 2012 at Arusha,  invited by Apostle Trice SHUMBUSHO




Date : 15th – 22nd
Venue : Zion City Church, Corridor Area Opposite Kiltex Arusha Tanzania
Time : 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Seminar
03 p.m. – 6 p.m. Revival Meeting

11th April 2012, Prayer and Breakfast with member of parliement  and senators of Burundi Government

Place : Restaurant la  DETENTE de Bujumbura

In his program to visit the inside of the country, after his visit to Muramvya Province last month, Apostle Apollinaire accompanied by Pastor Depapa are going  to the Technical School of Bubanza ( ETB) where they will meet the singers for a seminar and a meeting of several churches of the region on June 1st and 2nd, 2012. We thank you for your support in prayer.

From June 25th till July 1st, 2012, The church of Burundi is going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence of Burundi with the purpose of praying for new beginning and to thank God for the Jubilee. Shemeza Music will lead the praise and worship moments. Details will be very supplied very soon

From 29th July to 6th 2012. International Conference at Life Center  Church and celebration of 7 years of existence of the church. The details of the program will be communicated later.


Official launch and the first activity of UMURYA W’IVYIZIGIRO ( Sound of Hope) PROJECT of Shemeza Music Ministry which will take place from 1st to September 2nd, 2012 at Muyira in Bujumbura Rural, where we expect to reach out 4,000 people and win 500 new converts



In the programs of UMurya w’Ivyizigiro Project ‘’ Sound of Hope” ,the social department of Shemeza Music Ministry  plans to do a social outreach to the needy families in Province of Bubanza on Saturday, 22nd December 2012. We will be caring foods, clothes…and the Word of Hope. For support or more information, you can call +257 79 371 250+257 79 371 250 (Claude) or +257 79 989 522+257 79 989 522 ( Ev. Aimable)


From 27th to 28th December 2012, we have a special program of praise and worship for 24 hours.

Venue: Life center at Nyakabiga
Time: 27th (from 5.30 pm) to 28th (7.30 pm)
we welcome you all.







Shemeza Music is invited by the Biblical group of the ETB (Ecole Technique de Bubanza) in the crusade of praise and worship on January 22nd from 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm at the same school.

The delegation will be led by Apollinaire Habonimana.

We ask you to stay with us in the prayer.

Crusade in Kigali, February 20-25th 2011 at Eglise Vivante. Pasteur Kagisye Marc of the Church Life Center and 10 persons led by Apollinaire Habonimana will leave Bujumbura on April 19th, 2011.

2nd July: Outreach evangelism at Secondary School of Bubanza (E.T.B)

From 13th-17July: Praise and Worship conference and evening crusades in ADPR (traditional Pentecostal church) at Cyangugu- Bugarama (Rwanda)

23rd July 2011: Praise and worship conference with Worship teams from different churches in rural Province of Bujumbura.

International Conference at Life Center Church ( Nyakabiga) from 31/07/2011 till August 7th, 2011.





On Saturday 13 August  2011, Conference on praise and worship EGLISE VIVANTE  of SOROREZO from 11 A.M. We invite you to support us in the prayer

Mission en Europe du serviteur de Dieu Apollinaire Habonimana du 29 Septembre au 29 Octobre 2011, il repondra a l'invitation d' Apotre  Jean Saflo Trumpet ( Faith Ministry) en Norvege et Pasteur Jennifer Umuranga (Ark church) en Danmark

Du 24 Novembre l'équipe de 10 personnes dirigées par Apollinaire HABONIMANA voyagera à Gisenyi ( Rwanda) dans une mission. C’est prévu les ateliers de chanteurs et des enseignements durant 5 jours répondant à l'invitation de l'Église Joy Ministry. Votre prière est très significative à nous, soutenez-nous.

The Redeemed Gospel Church in Burundi has organized a Crusade of 3 days: Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th with Bishop Dr A. Gitonga from Nairobi the founder of the same church, the Prophetess JI-Hyun Kim from Korea and other Pastors from the REDEMEED GOSPEL CHURCH of Burundi. We thank God for the warm invitation of Bishop Gitonga for Shemeza Music Ministry. We invite you all the inhabitants of Bujumbura to join this great moments with the Man of God.

On 17th December 2011: Concert of David NDUWIMANA on the occasion of the official launching of the Live Concert DVD that he presented on 9th October 2011. The entry is 10.000 FBU per person at IFB (FRENCH INSTITUTE OF BURUNDI) ex CCF. We invite you all.


1 day with God in non-stop praise and worship moment at Life Center with Shemeza Music and other anointed singers of Bujumbura. from 23rd (5.00 pm) -24 (8.00 pm) December 2011.

From 19th December 2011 to 23rd December 2011, Apollinaire Habonimana and the team will attend the seminar of Gospel singers of Rwanda in Kigali. Notice that other singers from different Churches and ministries from Bujumbura will attend.
Place: Milles collines Hotel
Speakers: Apostle Gitwaza (Rwanda), Apollinaire Habonimana( Burundi) and Alain Moloto(DRC)