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Report of the 7th outreach mission of '' The Sound of Hope" mission at Babanza Province in Kagwema

On 15th April 2017, Shemeza Music Ministies, in one of its programs "Umurya w'Ivyizigiro" (THE SOUND OF HOPE) conducted the 7th edition  of outreach evangelism mission in the North East of the Country in the Province of Bubanza exactly in Gihanga - Kagwema. With the collaboration of local political and religious authorities, this event was a success without reproach. Supported by national and international partners we provided humanitarian aid to more than 500 families as well as water filters were donated to 400 families in partnership with Homecare Ministries. This allowed the people to celebrate the Passover in the joy and hope. Note that 151 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ


According to WFP office in Burundi, a quarter of Burundi population is facing famine, and as Shemeza Music Ministries in our project called “ Sound of Hope” we always do outreaches when people are facing this kind of problem, we normally do 2 things:

  1. We do outreach Evangelism, message of Hope and Peace.
  2. We do distribution of food to the most vulnerable families

On 15th April 2017, we will be visiting BUBANZA PROVINCE ( Kagwema) where we want to help 500 families very vulnerable out of 1.800 families who are in need of food. Note that 200 families already has left their houses and 3 people in the area called “ Kagwema” died because of hunger. The objective is to help them to celebrate Easter.  We are willing to rescue more families when we get more people.

The Total budget is 18.500.000 FBU (10.500 USD)

List of food we want to donate:


Quantity per family: 5kgs

Total number of families: 500

  1. 1. Beans : 500 x 5kgs x 1.200 Fbu per Kg = 3.000.000 FBU
  2. 2. Rice : 500 x 5kgs x 1.500 Fbu per kg = 3.750.000 FBU
  3. 3. Palm oil : 500 x 3.000 Fbu/litre = 1.500.000 FBU
  4. 4. Flour porridge: 500 x 5kgs x 2.500 Fbu = 6.250.000 FBU (children)
  5. 5. Maize flour : 500 x 5kgs x 1.300 Fbu = 3.250.000 FBu
  6. 6. Salt : 500 x 1.000 per Kg = 500.000 FBU

Total amount: 18.000.000FBu


Sunday 11th December 2016 2.00pm Shemeza Music Ministries supported by different sponsors and partners conducted an outreach mission at Carama site.
There were pictures taken before beginning of the event and our photographer did a small tour on site. You find the pictures attached below.

This mission was composed by 3 major activities:

1. Supported by our partner World Vision Burundi, we were able to help 218 children with school materials, flour porridge and biscuits on. Monday 12th December 2016, a small team composed by 6 people went back at Carama site for distribution. The team was led by Apostle Apollinaire Habonimana.

2. Celebration moments: we thank the local teams of singers from Kinama Zone such as: Local Coalition of singers and Three in One Ministry who joined Shemeza Music Ministry to help bring an atmosphere of worship with the carama site residents and neighbors.

3. We also had a special moment to share the good news about hope and receiving Jesus as a Savior and King in our lives. 200 registered people gave their lives to Christ Jesus.

We would like to recognize and thank the sponsors and partners for the support they gave us, thanks to them; we were able to help about 242 families with food and clothes. A big thank you to: Life Center Burundi, World Vision Burundi, Access Data (Ngaruko Emmanuel), Electronic Music Center ( Mr Fulgence),  Wings of Hope for Africa (Canada), Best Imprimerie, ONG ZOA – Burundi, Cadesh Club and other individuals…

A big thanks to our photographers: Evrard, Fiesta, Landry, Louis, Elvis and the Designer Mabone.

Media (Radios): CCIB FM+, Radio 10, Humuriza FM, Isanganiro and others, we say thank you!


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The 5th Sound of Hope Mission in images

UMURYA W'IVYIZIGIRO Project (Sound of Hope Project) for Burundi is a project that Shemeza Music Ministry plans to undertake annually; it aims at preaching to people of Burundi the real hope that tomorrow reserve and to emphasize on the message of reminding them to have the passion and patriotic love. We hope that this tool is the most effective way to gather all classes of people. This project will be of a great success because through it, we will reach out and impact thousands of people with this powerful message of Hope.

We kindly request you to support this project because your contribution is of great importance to the kingdom of God. When a soul is saved there is always joy and celebration in Heaven, imagine yourself when thousands are saved!


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