On the occasion of Christmas and Happy New Year, SHEMEZA MUSIC MINISTRIES is organizing a day of celebration called SOUND OF HOPE on Saturday, December 16th, in the zone of Gitaza, Province Rumonge. Through moments of praise and worship, distribution of food and clothes, a message of hope is brought to the vulnerable.

SHEMEZA MUSIC MINISTRIES has echoed a particular need of girls and women and would like to supply it .In fact, for underprivileged girls and women, periods are hard to manage. They are very poor and live in remote areas .There is no drug store or any kind of store .There is nothing to buy ,or no money to buy it with .They make do it with dry grass ,paper, used clothing fabrics, banana leaves, socks filled with sand ,old rags ,etc. Sometimes, they have nothing at all.

They get infections, they miss school, fall behind then drop out because they can’t keep up .So, they marry young, losing their chance to break out of the poverty cycle .This is unacceptable and this must change.

With your help, SHEMEZA MUSIC MINISTRIES would like to address the issues of menstrual health and hygiene by approaching the NGO Sacode, who has invented the washable and reusable sanitary pads Agateka. These pads have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. Each pack costs 10.000 fbu and contains 5 pads which have straps. SHEMEZA MUSIC wants to provide 500 packs to vulnerable girls and women in Gitaza. Your donation will help the latter to live their periods in dignity for 3 to 5 years .To make a donation, please contact the following numbers:  (+ 257 371250, +257 79 926640, +257 79415240) .Those who are abroad can make a transfer to the account of SHEMEZA MUSIC ( Ecobank A/C 0491601-96)

God bless you